Online Fishing Slots Features and Playing Tips

Fishing Online Slot Game is one of the classic slots around the world. It was developed from Japanese Golden Fish Slot Game. With the simple playing method, Fishing Slot has become popular around the world. You just need to aim at and hit your targets, and you can get gold coins. Want to know more details? Then come with i8 to find out more !

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Play Online Fishing Slot Machine and Get Real Money

1. Online Fishing Slots Cannon Rules

In Fishing Slot Game, users have to select the cannon types first. When fish are caught, you’ll get corresponding prizes by multiplying the number of fish and the number of cannon.

iBET Online Casino Fishing Slots Game Playing Methods


2. Playing Online Fishing Machine’s Rules

You only have to aim at your targets and click it twice to hit them. The fort will adjust its arc to your target’s location. If your cannon hits the frame, it’ll bounce till it hits any targets in the pool.

iBET Online Casino Fishing Slots Game Playing Methods
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