How to Choose a Safe Online Casino Malaysia?

With the Betting Act of 1953 and Syariah Law in place, Malaysia is one of the countries that disallow gambling. However, some gambling activities like the lottery and horse racing receive exceptions and allow for bettors and operators to carry out publicly.

Despite the big N O, local bettors continue to engage in gambling activities for the longest time because they have an adage that goes, 规定是死的,人是活的, which translates to rules are rigid, but people are flexible. In simpler terms, it means it is alright to bend the rules, of course, responsibly.

With that said, they continue to revel in the fun of gambling, receiving rewards big or small.

Before Online Casino Malaysia Came Along

When the brick and mortar casinos in Genting came about, local bettors rejoiced. In a way, it meant gambling became legalized. And local bettors were able to gamble freely and dwell in a whole new gambling environment that they had not experienced before – the luxurious ambiance, multiple gambling games, plus modern machines and equipment, all of which bettors could get hold of effortlessly.

The best part was that their chances of bringing home a hefty payout were much more attainable. From their usual couple of hundreds to thousands of Ringgit Malaysia worth of payout, each one of them stands a chance to become an overnight millionaire with games that reward substantially, like the slot machines.

To date, bettors no longer have to gamble with their guard up and feel uptight all the time that they would kena tangkap for having some fun. When the mood kicks in, they can go on a short trip 1,800 meters above sea level, feel the cool breeze as the wind picks up, and gamble like nobody’s business.

The casinos in Genting have become a hub local and foreign bettors frequent. Unfortunately, not every bettor has the privilege to join the fun, though. You see, when you visit a physical casino, it is more than just being present and gambling.

There are different expenses that you have to consider, which will hollow your wallet even before Lady Luck gets a chance to visit. Some of the additional costs are such as petrol, which can be hefty if you are driving up North or from down South, accommodation, food, any fees that come together with entering and being in the casino, and more.

Local Bettors Learned to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

If the description above makes you frown your brows or the idea of having to leave the house, brace the distance, and be in public together with a large crowd does not appeal to you, then it is a bummer, and you might have to gamble the way like before.

Or not.

Another adage we hear all the time is when one door closes, another one opens. And for this, we have Malaysia online casinos to thank. Although it is on papers that gambling is prohibited, they only cover offline gambling. 😉

The online gambling scene in Malaysia is a grey area because there are no amendments yet. But this does not mean that our government remains helpless in attempts to give the thumbs down to online gambling.

Our local authorities do not issue licenses for online casinos. And to make betting in foreign sites even harder, they instruct banks not to grant transfers to overseas online casinos.

It also doesn’t come off as a surprise if foreign online casinos automatically block Malaysia off their list of Which Country Can Enter this Website. That said, bettors that bump into these sites are either met with a pop-up that says they don’t allow Malaysian bettors or they can’t find Malaysia in the nationality list when signing up as a member.

But because the online market remains non-regulated, local bettors can easily brush off these unexpected slaps in the face and jump from one online casino to another to find one that accepts them, sap sap sui.

iBET, for instance, is an online casino Malaysia that accepts local bettors with welcoming arms.

What Qualifies as a Safe Online Casino Malaysia?

We cannot deny that there have been countless times gullible bettors fall victim to an online casino and lose heaps of money. But that is because these sites are fraudulent, and their sole aim is to squeeze every last bit out of them.

These sites pollute the rapport legitimate online casinos have spent years building, whose intentions are to bring entertainment to the bettors and give them a shot at materializing their dreams with the monetary rewards the sites offer. Most importantly, they urge bettors to practice responsible and safe gambling.

Before deciding to sign up as a member, bettors must be careful to choose a credible online casino. And yes, ALL online casinos will promo themselves to be the most trustworthy, fun, and reputable. All these claims are futile unless they are real. And luckily, YOU get to decide if they qualify as a safe online casino Malaysia or not.

Unlike how we can jump to conclusions about people with first impressions and trust what our guts tell us, we can never do that with online casinos. Instead, we have to do sufficient homework and research. We know, sounds boring already!

To save you from the fuss of reading yet another wordy article, we have concluded some tips that you ought to remember by heart if you want to gamble online. These tips teach you how to identify a safe online casino.

The Part You Are Looking For – TIPS!

iBET may be one out of hundreds of online casinos bettors will come across, but it is one of a handful that assures them of being a safe and secure site, simply because iBET fulfills all of the criteria that make it safe and secure.

  1. Licensing

No license, no talk.

When you visit an online casino, and you don’t see its regulator or license number, it is a free red flag that is waving right in your face, indicating that you should exit the page.

License quality is another thing to pay attention to. As a rule of thumb, European licensing authorities are the safest because that would have meant an online casino has gone through rigorous and unbiased checks.

  1. Software

What other providers do the online casino collaborate with?

If you see big names across the board, you are in good hands. Take iBET as an example. We have partners like Asia Gaming, Microgaming, and Playtech, big names that seasoned bettors surely have heard of.

Any trustworthy online casinos will never wish to associate themselves with any shady, unlicensed, or unethical casinos. One way to uphold its reputation is by allowing or working together with other reputable sites, ones that share the same goal – to make entertainment safe and rewarding.

  1. Financials

Only a fool would gamble at a casino that cannot pay out. And at times, we are the ones getting fooled unknowingly by online casinos that promise to pay but do not. Some sites intentionally make withdrawing complicated, that players end up losing patience and money.

Either way, bettors must find out:

  1. a) The payment options that the online casino accepts. The wider the range, the better.
  2. b) The payment limits.
  3. c) The processing time for cashing out.
  4. d) If the casino has a consistent payment history.

The way a site manages the money flow is crucial. After all, the goal is to win. Bettors must make sure they peruse the Terms & Conditions before money matters get put on the table.

  1. Terms

Do you get that little feeling of dread when you click on an article, and it takes a few scrolls before you can see the end or bottom of the article? Imagine reading the terms and conditions of an online casino; it is crazy!

Unfortunately, having to read the T&Cs is inevitable because it acts as an agreement between yourself and the online casino, and it means you are fully aware of what you are getting into.

Safe online casinos will make their T&Cs or any material clear and easy to understand, and it includes how they handle bonuses, game malfunctions, dormant accounts, banking, promotion, winning, wagering, win limits, and other miscellaneous terms of rules.

Their terms need to be fair too. And this is quite difficult to determine because it is subjective; what other players find bearable may be difficult to afford for others. An example of an unfair term could be wanting to claim a bonus with 400x playthroughs, which spells ridiculous.

  1. Restriction

Let’s rewind the part where we talk about the unexpected slap in the face.

Other than seeing a pop-up or not having Malaysia as the option when checking the nationality box, there are some cases where the casino proceeds with your sign-up and deposit but prohibits you from withdrawing. It seems macam sial, but it happens!

Here are some terms and conditions you must check to see whether you are eligible:

(a) Age

The exact legal age for gambling is different worldwide. As a rule of thumb, online casinos only accept players 18 and above.

(b) Restricted territories and grey markets

Restricted territories are countries that cannot or have no access to online gambling altogether due to the laws imposed.

Malaysia belongs in the latter, the grey market, where we are restricted by some casinos for one reason or another, even though our online gambling market is not strictly regulated. Often, bettors from the grey market cannot claim bonuses.

For countries that allow gambling legally, bettors’ winnings are often subject to taxation.

(c) Languages

Most online casinos offer a variety of languages, which bettors can easily switch between on the homepage.

(d) Currencies

If you can access a specific online casino, chances are they accept the currency of your country. However, if it does not, you may have to convert your bankroll before you can gamble. Conversion is not encouraged when online gambling because your bankroll is subject to the fluctuating conversion rates, and additional fees will incur.

Not so much of a safety criterion, but bettors should keep an eye out nonetheless to avoid getting any unpleasant surprises!

  1. Customer support

A lot of bettors miss out on the fact that other than forking out money, they are also spending a whole lot of energy and time on one of their favorite pastimes. And with these reasons alone, bettors deserve to have quality customer support whenever they need it.

Customer support can come in several forms, such as:

(a) Customer service rep:

– That responses to inquiries instantly

– Does not give computer-generated or scripted answers

– That is multilingual, is available 24/7, and in several channels such as emails, helpline, chat app, etc.

– That is professional and knowledgeable

(b) Being given the assurance that your withdrawal will be quick and straightforward.

(c) Having access to FAQs that answer your most urgent questions.

A dodgy online casino Malaysia would ignore your cries for help, and withdrawal is not in their vocabulary at all.

  1. Reward programs

The COVID pandemic aside, Genting casinos generally earn annual revenue of RM20 over billion. And online casinos are known to perform better than their physical counterpart in terms of profitability. On this note, they ought to extend rewards and bonuses to their bettors, as a gesture of gratitude and to keep them motivated.

Players must, however, fulfill the casino’s terms and conditions, which we call wagering requirements to claim these rewards and bonuses. The standard wagering requirement is 10x or 20x, but the lower is always better.

A trustworthy online casino states its wagering requirements for its reward programs thoroughly, sticks through it, and does not change on the fly. It will also provide a helpline for bettors to call to should they have any inquiries.

When it is time for bettors to receive their supposed reward or bonus, the casino will make sure to do so punctually.


Do not be afraid to let the kepochi in you shine when coursing through the waters of online gambling. Ask around in real life, Facebook groups, or forums about the online casino you are interested in, and see what people say about it.

Although the tips above are useful, it could be hard to test their validity. In this case, your best bet is to rely on the reviews from bettors who have tried the casino. They are genuine and will give you pointers you may have missed at the beginning of your findings.

Choose iBET Online Casino Malaysia

If you are new to online gambling or looking for a new online casino to venture into, come to iBET! We have been around for more than a decade, standing the test of time and still going strong. Over time, we have also grown and achieved greater heights, expanding our influence, and reaching out to bettors from different parts of the world.

Our core value is simple: Entertainment for all. iBET wishes to make entertainment accessible to all so that our patrons can gamble in a safe environment and stand a chance to see their dreams take off.

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