Feng Shui (Key to Excel in Online Casinos)

In this article, we will teach you how to use black magi- I mean, Feng Shui, to make the most out of your online casino gaming experience. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve eating soup with a mammal in it.


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Feng Shui is the Key to Success

Feng Shui

Alright, before you jump the gun and get perplexed with the title of this article, hear me out! Feng Shui is pseudoscience, which means it consists of beliefs, theories, or practices that have no basis in scientific fact.

But the Chinese look at it differently. They believe that Feng Shui is a type of energy that harmonizes an individual with his/her surrounding environment, which results in achieving success or improvement in different aspects of life, be it health, relationships, or fortune.

This is why we often hear Chinese people, especially from the older generation, inculcate the importance of practicing Feng Shui in everyday-life. For instance, commercial buildings and Chinese families don’t use the digit, 4, for the fourth level or unit, because they believe 4 is an inauspicious digit that will bring them bad luck in whatever their venture may be.


Feng Shui and Luck are Twins, Not Sisters…

Feng Shui and Luck are Twins

Or brothers. This goes to say Feng Shui and luck complement one another. When players put Feng Shui to good use, they will attract good luck naturally. Now, players can finally turn over a new leaf if any Malaysia online casino games like slot games or live casino games that they are playing haven’t been churning out good results or winning the money.


Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui can be as simple as adorning your living room with a water feature, to something a lot more complex, such as rearranging the furniture in your house following the trigrams (Ba Gua).

Your chance to win any online casino Malaysia games can be improved by following the below Feng Shui methods:


1) Ong Lai Liao

Ong Lai Liao

– Ever wondered why we hang red ornaments and lanterns during the celebration of Lunar New Year? Because red color symbolizes joy and good fortune.

– Other than betting and counting on a trusted casino in Malaysia to give you good odds, you can try wearing something red, be it a shirt, pants, even undergarments to increase your luck to win games whose results are random and influenced by a randomizing device, such as slot games, sports betting, and live casino games like Roulette and Poker.


2) No Counting

No Counting

– It’s only human nature that we want to count the money we have won from an online casino. But Feng Shui says counting your money is a big red flag.

– It doesn’t matter if it is the amount a player has gained or lost during a gambling session, but counting money is not recommended because it signifies chasing the luck away.

– Some live casino games like Blackjack and sports betting have fast payouts, which means the money gets deposited into an account immediately, at the same time, it also lets players know at a glance how much they have lost.

– Although Feng Shui says not to count the money, players must keep track of their expenditure, so they don’t spend over budget and can practice mindful betting.


3) No Pat on the Back

No Pat on the Back

– You will think this applies to players playing at a traditional casino only, but you are wrong! This applies to players that are playing in an online casino as well. When you are betting in any online casino Malaysia, ensure nobody touches or pats you on your shoulder, because this action will pat your good luck away.

– One of the reasons players prefer to play in an online casino over a traditional one is because an online casino offers privacy. Any games and online gambling that a player engages in, the amount spent or lost, or how frequent a player visits a casino in Malaysia is kept private. That aside, players can set the ambiance themselves, without having to come into contact with a crowd. This lets them bet in a more conducive environment.

– So the next time when you are betting, make sure to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to good use!


4) Don’t Read a Book

Don’t Read a Book

– If you have a ‘How to Win Any Games in an Online Casino in Malaysia for Dummies’, read it before or after you have completed your online gambling session. Make sure nobody around you is reading a book behind or in front of you too.

– This is because, in Chinese, the pronunciation for book resembles another word, which means to lose.

Online gambling is more than just winning a hefty payout, it is also about picking up new skills like learning how to analyze the performance of a game, plus, calculating the odds and how likely you will stand a chance to win a game. Most importantly, it’s about having a good time and enjoying the process.


5) A Pregnant Woman is Your Wing-woman

A Pregnant Woman is Your Wing-woman

– The only time you allow a person to participate in your gambling session is when a pregnant lady is present.

– The Chinese believe that expectant women carry good fortune inside their belly, which brings the player good luck when gambling. After all, having a child is a blessing, right? The baby inside the belly also acts as an extra pair of eyes that observe the whole gambling scene.

– As much as Feng Shui contributes to making or breaking your chance to win, learning how to make good judgment, and being able to play the games with adeptness are some of the useful stratagems you can practice to garner more wins.


6) A Toilet is Where the Luck is

A Toilet is Where the Luck is

– When on a losing streak, head to the toilet immediately and wash your hands. Washing your hands can wash away the bad luck. On the other hand, when on a winning streak, do not wash your hands. Otherwise, you will wash away your good luck.

– At the same time, keep yourself updated with the latest betting strategies. By learning the latest strategies, you will discover the reasons that are causing you to lose. Also, read articles on some of the mistakes to avoid when you are playing in an online casino.


7) A Painless Tattoo

A Painless Tattoo

– Every morning before you head out and start the day, use a red pen and write the word ‘Cai’, which means wealth in Chinese, on the inside of the right palm. Players can substitute the Chinese character by drawing the dollar sign instead. If the player continues this Feng Shui method for 15 days, it is believed that the player will receive a windfall within three days.

– This painless tattoo is handy in whatever situation you are in, be it to receive a free bonus, or for the amount in your bank account to skyrocket!


These Feng Shui tips do not promise a change in luck or make you a sure-winner overnight, rather, it takes time for its effects to materialize. Even so, with a sprinkle of perseverance and patience, you can achieve changes that will impact you positively and ultimately, give you the best online casino gaming experience.

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