Basic Judgement Tricks of Online Blackjack 21

The only way to win in blackjack is to make a correct judgement and strategy. The decision to hit, stand, surrender, or double down is made through a precise thinking. Player having a hand total of closer to 21 without going over 21 will win.
The problem that players would frequently encounter while playing blackjack is when the total value at hand is 15, should they choose to hit or to stand?
In this article, let us teach you how to make the basic judgement.



Why Live Casino Blackjack Game Is Popular?

Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most popular card games. It is very simple and easy to master. Also, it brings a lot of fun to players. Now follow the article below to understand how to play Live Casino Blackjack Game and enjoy the games.


Casino Blackjack Tutorial: How to Decide Whether to Hit or Not

Everyone sometimes may be confused what is the proper way to do next during playing Blackjack, and actually the basic judgement should be made based on the dealer’s upcard. You can read below to learn that how to decide whether to hit or not in some kinds of situation.

iBET Online Casino the Basic Judgement of Blackjack


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Situation 1:
When the Player’s Hand Total Is 15 and the Dealer’s Upcard is 10, Should the Malaysia Casino Player Continue to Hit ?

If the player chooses to hit, the chances of busting are very high. But if the player chooses to stand, the dealer’s total value could be more than 17. Therefore, the player should calculate how many big valued cards have already shown up. If many of them are already revealed, more small valued cards would be left in the remaining cards. In this way, the chances of busting would be relatively low.


Situation 2:
When the Malaysia Casino Player’s Hand Total Is 15 and the Dealer’s Upcard Is 5, Should the Player Continue to Hit ?

If the player hits, the chances of busting are higher. However, supposed that the dealer’s hole card is 10, then the hand total will be 15, which means that the chances of busting at dealer’s side are even higher. Therefore, it’s better to stand under this circumstance.


All in all, as long as you know card counting, you can easily make a precise judgement on whether to hit or stand in the 15-point scenario in blackjack.


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