Winning Strategy of Niu Niu in Live Bet Asia

Niu Niu, also known as Bullfighting, is a simple bet chess game that can be played by many people at the same time. Niu Niu meets the banker (zhong) requirements, where a player can be the banker, and the other players compare their card formations against the banker’s card formation to determine win or loss. If you want to understand the basic gameplay of Niu Niu in Online Casino, i8 Live Bet Asia can provide a complete how-to-play guide. In addition to the basics of the game, we also provide advanced strategy guides to help you be a champion at this game!

Niu Niu Winning Strategy

Master The Rules of The Casino Game “Niu Niu”

If you want to win the most in Niu Niu, you must first grasp the basic rules of the game. Niu Niu is very simple game and can be mastered easily. Players only need to compare the size of their cards against the dealer’s. Simply arrange your cards in hand to make the largest possible formation and it will be a lot easier to win!



 Learn How to Read and Arrange Cards in Online Casino

In the game of Niu Niu, the system will help to form the cards. But during the interval, before determining the banker, each player will be given 4 cards first. The time during the interval is limited, so you must quickly judge if you can form a Niu with your cards in hand. Then based on the possibility of forming a Niu and the rank of the Niu, decide whether or not to grab the chance to be the banker, and the size of the bet.

Niu Niu Winning Strategy

Scoring and Payout in Online Betting Malaysia “Niu Niu”

Niu Niu 5 times the bet
Niu 9 4 times the bet
Niu 8 3 times the bet
Niu 7 2 times the bet
Niu 6 – Niu 1 1 time the bet

The scoring between the banker and players is fixed. The banker’s winnings are directly proportional to the losing player’s losses. For example, if a player bets 100 gold coins, and the banker gets a Niu Niu with big cards, the player loses 10 times of the 100 coin bet to the banker. Therefore, the winning and losing rate between the banker and players are at the same fixed rate.

Live Casino Games Niu Niu Withdrawal Penalties

  1. Banker withdraws: If banker withdraws, the game will follow the normal calculations for wins and losses.
  2. Player withdraws: If a player withdraws during bet placing, return the bet back to player. If player withdraws after cards have been dealt, follow the normal calculations for wins and losses.

Withdrawal process:

During the game: If a player leaves after placing a bet, it will be considered a withdrawal, and the placed bet will be deducted; If a player leaves before placing a bet, it will not be considered a withdrawal and therefore the player will not be penalized.


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