Malaysia Legal Live Gaming 4D Lottery

4D Lottery is a kind of national game in Malaysia. Our lottery game introduction will share the 4D lottery game content with players for helping you understand more.

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Playing Method of Online 4D Lottery Games Malaysia

4D lottery is known as 4 star lottery or 4D ticket. Its playing method is to choose from four digits between 0000 and 9999 with a total of 10,000 sets of numbers. Can’t wait to bet now and win big? Have your gambles at seven different kinds of 4D Lottery Game Room now.




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How Often Does Online Betting 4D Lottery Result?

4D Lottery results draws on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (Magnum has a Tuesday special draw) in a week. Another words to say, you can play it pretty often in a week. No wonder it’ll be a really famous and common betting games in some countries such as Germany, Singapore and Malaysia.


3 Betting Types on Winning Online 4D Lottery Games

A total of 23 groups of numbers which 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize, ten for Special Prize and ten for Consolation Prize with the choice of BIG/SMALL purchase. We offers a special First Prize, kindly see below for the differences.


1. BIG: Winning in any 23 groups

2. SMALL: Winning in 1st Prize, 2nd Prize or 3rd Prize

3. First Prize: Special 4D bets by iBET, winning in 1st Prize with highest odds


There is also a gameplay that provides different combinations of numbers, enriching the content of the 4D Lottery to increase the chance of winning. Visit Lottery Game Introduction for more understanding now. Bets your 4D lucky number online now, we wish you have a big win!

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Asia Online Wagering Gives You Much Fun in 4D Lottery Games!

There are a lot of Game Rooms in Malaysia Caino. If you want to play, you can go to iLottery Game Room to have much fun! If you have any problems on playing the games, you can also go to check the Lottery Game Guide first to help you play the game fluently and professionally.


Know One of the Betting Play Method – PT before Starting Your Bet on 4D Lottery!
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