Betting Playing Method: 4D Lottery PT

4D lottery has a variety of playing methods, among which Straight 4D Reverse Bet, and 4D Single Bet are the most popular ones. Now this Article would like to share you another “PT” playing method with you, if you’re a 4D lottery lover, this is the one you shouldn’t miss!


Understand PT’s Winning 4D Lottery Games Tip

In 4D Lottery Games – PT playing method, you need to select four numbers, among which the first three numbers will be in permutation and the fourth number will remain its position. Therefore, six permutations will be generated.
For instance, if your betting number is 1234, with the first three numbers in permutation, you’ll get six combinations which are 1234, 1324, 2134, 2314, 3124, and 3214.

Understand PT’s Winning 4D Lottery Games Tip


Specific Features in PT of 4D Online Betting Ways

You can make use of the PT betting method to get more number combinations than you do in other betting methods and further to largely increase your chances of winning. Also, we also provide the latest winning numbers for you and the ratio of winning prize will be allocated depending on whether you’re betting on Big Bet or Small Bet!

Can I Know More 4D Gambling Methods in Malaysia Online?

If you think this article is not complete enough for you to play 4D Lottery, we also offer you more gambling method of 4D Lottery. All you can read in lottery games introduction!

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