10 Slot Machines Terminology You Should Know
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Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games that have ever made. Slot games are one of the gambling activities which is easy to understand and play. Beginner players or newbies usually start their gambling activity with the slot machines. With today modern technology, the slot machines have been evolved from the land-based machines to the online slot games. This is convenient for every player where they can play whenever and wherever as they like.

In the early days, all slot machines are almost similar to each other. They shared the same features such as the same number of reels and the type of symbols. Nowadays, there are many types of games emerging, with interesting themes, layouts, and structure. These innovative features have attracted more players to enjoy casino games.

Do you know how slot machines work? It is a machine which consists of a computer chip called random number generator (RNG). This chip can make mathematical calculations very quickly at about 1000 times a second to determine which combination of symbols should appear on the reels. Then, when you push the spin button or pull the handle, that will cause the chip to stop at that exact instant and choose a combination to display on the reels. This means when you see the reels spinning, the actual results of what will appear on those pay lines has already been chosen by the RNG.

The manufacturers will have a choice of computer chips to decide the percentage of how much that machine is set to pay back to the public. The range of payouts on these chips is different depending on the manufacturer.

As slot machines are designed by the European and American countries, there are the terms that are based in the English language, some slot machines do not have a Chinese translation version. If you were to try the original slot machines, you will be exposed to many English slot machines jargons. Thus, if you do not know the meaning behind the terms, you will lose the fun of playing it. Therefore, one important thing you should know before playing the slot machines is that you should learn the meaning of different terms of the slot machines. Below are 10 of the key terms of slot machines that you must know.

Slot Online Free Credit: 1. Base Game / Feature Game

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Base Game Feature Game

The base game also known as ‘Main Game’ is the game that players spent money to hit the spin button for a normal spin, while feature game is conditional. There are two types of feature games which are ‘Free Game’ and ‘Bonus Game’. The free game is where you get one or more free spins. The bonus game can be another separate event in which players can make extra winnings. A paytable on a slot machine will normally indicate whether there is a free game or a bonus game and tells you how to activate it.


Slot Online Free Credit: 2. Jackpot

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - jackpot

Jackpot is the highest possible amount of prize that can be won by a player in a slot machine. Progressive slot machines are the slot machines that have jackpot games. The two major progressive slot machines are sap and lap. This type of slot machines will accumulate the wagered money to a specific amount, which is then becoming the jackpot. Players will usually have a look at the amount of jackpot of the slot machine before they start to play.


Slot Online Free Credit: 3. RTP

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - RTP

RTP is ‘Return to Player’ in short. It is a term that casinos usually used to describe the percentage of the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over some time. It means the amount of money return to the players. RTP is shown in percentage, for an example, a game with an RTP of 95% means it will pay out $95 for every $100 wagered. The higher the RTP, the more attractive it is to the players. Once payback percentage chips are set by the casino, they are rarely changed. To change the payback percentage, a casino technician would have to physically replace the chip of each machine. This is an expensive and time-consuming process, thus it is rarely done.


Slot Online Free Credit: 4. Pay Table

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - paytable

The paytable is the instruction that shows you what are the different winning combinations are and how many credits they each win. In other words, the paytable is a guide that will show you the value of every winning combination on the slot machine. The icon of paytable can usually be found either at the top or bottom of the slot machine screen. Once you click the icon, a pop-up will appear which will help you everything about the game. A paytable on a slot machine will also tell you whether there is a free game or a bonus game and tells you how to activate it.


Slot Online Free Credit: 5. Win Lines

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - win lines

Pay lines are only activated when the player bets before spinning. On slot machines, you will win a line when the spinning reels stop and land on a combination of prize-winning symbols. Win lines are the lines when the right combination of symbols appears on a pay line. Players can choose to bet one or more lines. The simple win lines are a combination of symbols that crosses the reel in a straight horizontal line. But there are also some complex win lines which appear in a zigzag or diagonal form. There are many different winning combinations. Each line always has three or five symbols, one from each reel on the slot. The more line you are wagering, the higher the chance of winning something.


Slot Online Free Credit: 6. Denomination

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Denomination

The denomination is the value of each coin on a slot machine. The value of each coin depends on the denominations available on that slot machine. It could be in cents, quarter, or dollar. The higher the coin denomination that you are playing, the higher the payback percentage.


Slot Online Free Credit: 7. Bonus Symbol

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Bonus Symbol

A bonus symbol is a special symbol that triggers a bonus feature. Bonus features are bonus slot machines which may include specific features to enhance the gameplay and give the player an opportunity to win extra money and spins. The bonus symbol will bring you with extra free game or bonus game or any other bonus feature. The most common bonus symbol you can see in a slot machine is scatter, wild, and free spins.


Slot Online Free Credit: 8. Scatter

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Scatter

Scatter is an exciting feature on many slot machines, it is also known as the highest paying symbols. Unlike other symbols that have to be lined up on a pay line, the scatter symbol can occur anywhere on the slot machine reels and is designed to activate a winning combination even if it does not form part of the payline itself. Scatter just have to appear on any of the reels to unlock free spins, mini-games, or other bonuses. Hence, it is referred to as a player’s “best friend” because it is a key to unlocking various fun bonus features.


Slot Online Free Credit: 9. Wild

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Wild

This is a unique symbol that can replace or substitute other symbols except scatter or bonus symbol to form a winning line. When the wild symbol appears, it will automatically change itself to another form of symbols to create a win line. As a result, with the existence of wild, players will land with more wins and turn from losers to winners. There are a few types of wild such as Expanding Wild, Sticky Wild, Shifting Wild, Stacked Wild, and Random Wild.


Slot Online Free Credit: 10. Multipliers

10 Slot Machines Terminology That You Should Know - Multipliers

While not all machines offer them, multipliers will increase a player’s winning when they make a hit and multiply the earnings made by the offered multiplier. In other words, it is a bonus feature where the payouts you get can be multiplied by a numerical figure that is generally predetermined. There are a variety of multipliers such as base game multipliers, free spin and bonus game multipliers, wild multiplier, and bet or win multipliers. Multipliers are not so common in the base game. In contrast, free spins multipliers are much more common.


To keep your risk low in playing slot machines, it is important to know how slot machines do and do not work.

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