Experience the Best of Slot Games during the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us stuck at home, the silver lining to this is that with ample time on your hands, there is an opportunity for you to explore what our slot games have to offer. Unlike other forms of games, slots can easily be classified as one of the games that are immune to the effects of the coronavirus due to its digital nature – meaning that you can start playing anytime you want, anywhere you are.

This crucial benefit it brings is especially relevant at a time like this, ensuring that you always have a fun and exciting time no matter what, encompassing variety, accessibility, and all the excitement you could ever ask for in a slot game.


iBET, the epitome of online slot Malaysia, works with other Malaysia online casinos to provide you with more slot categories to choose from. Mega888 slot games, for instance, is one provider that houses more than a dozen games with different themes and enticing graphics for players to pick from. Whether you are looking for something family-friendly, or something a little saucier; whatever it is that you are looking for, or imagination can conjure up, we have it.

If you are thinking about how to get started, our slots have very affordable minimum betting amounts. From RM1, RM10, and RM20, funds should be the least of your worries. And if you are looking for some serious action, then our high roller rooms are for you. Bet up to RM 100K, and if you are crazy enough, you can even bet up to RM 500K on our slot games.


Not only that our slot games offer attractive payouts and even more interesting pay lines. Click in, and you will find the variety of payouts and pay lines that each game brings, adding to the thrill and excitement of each spin.

But right before we jump into the hottest slot games on offer, here are a few reasons why online slots have caught on so rapidly.

The Perks of Online Slot Games

Welcome Bonuses

As a way of encouraging users to experience the games for themselves, many online casino slots offer attractive welcome bonuses to persuade you to try out the features of the game and start playing with them. So, be sure to keep an eye out for bonuses such as birthday bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and other welcome bonuses to take advantage of.

You will find that these bonuses can allow you to stretch every dollar much further than intended, and you might even win big using the funds from the bonuses too.

The Allure of the Progressive Jackpot

If you are looking for even more of a thrill, then the progressive jackpot is just what you need. It works by accumulating the number of unsuccessful player bets along the way, so every time a player misses a chance, the jackpot increases by a certain amount. And every player can view the growing size of the jackpot as it accumulates.

If a progressive jackpot covers several games, then the eventual payout will certainly be very large for whoever is the lucky one.

Various Games and Free tryouts

Given that the many casino slots are run on the web, along with advancements in web technologies, modern casino operators are now able to afford players more games than they can choose from. And this brings the benefit of allowing them to experience any new games an operator provides.

It is a win-win for all. Players get to try out new games at minimal risk to them, and the operator draws in existing or even more new players towards their new offerings. What’s more, if you are a casual player that is simply looking for some entertainment, then the free games on offer are a fantastic way for you to do that without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Discovering Great Gaming Partners

For those who have an affinity to online casino slots, other than the variety of games on offer, you will also be at the receiving end of coming across an even bigger selection of games from other platforms such as Joker123, 918kiss, and more.

As a result, your online casino experience is given another layer of depth and variety as your options are broader, allowing you to experience other games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and other table games such as Poker, and Baccarat.

Ultimately, the online casino can accommodate an even more varied level of player options with a broader choice of game, making it an experience like no other.

The Hottest Online Slot Jackpot Malaysia Slot Games on Offer

Candy Pop

You have heard of Bejeweled, Zuma, and of course, Candy Crush. Coming right out of the gates of Singapore, experience the thrill and satisfaction of matching tiles for cash.

So, if you are a Candy Crush veteran seeking more of a thrill and higher rewards, then Candy Pop is where all the action is to satisfy your sweet tooth for thrill-seeking.

Happy Jump

Much like the dinosaur mini-game you will find in Google’s Chrome browser. Instead, the aim of the game is to stay in the box for as long as possible and then landing in the blue circle. The longer you stay there, the higher the payout.

Think you have the endurance and tenacity it takes to win big? It is time to try your hand now at a round of Happy Jump, and win yourself a big fat bonus.

Fishing Games – Fishing God and Fishing War

You might have probably heard or even played a hand at some of the fishing games on offer. At iBET, you are in for a treat as we have not just one but two types of online fishing gambling game – Fishing God and Fishing War.

The aim of the game in Fishing God is easy. Hunt as many fishes as possible; the more fishes you capture, the greater your payout would be. In Fishing Wars, things are more freeform and explosive. There are no reels, no grids, and rows because it is all about firing shots to capture your targets, i.e. swimming fishes.

You will need to bring your skillset of precision, endurance, and opportunity seeking to the table to win big. Remember, it is you against everyone else, so make every spin count!

iBET is Together With The People in These Trying Times

Although social distancing has been keeping you apart from the outside world, there is always more to do to past time and keep yourself sharp. Especially with our variety of slots from providers like Mega888 slot, the exciting payouts it offers and the opportunity to continuously explore the games that brings you the thrill and satisfaction with every spin.

The icing on the cake? You get the best of both worlds – gambling to line your wallet with cash and getting the most entertainment out of every visit you make to iBET’s online casino.

iBET is together with the people in these trying times. We hope you stay safe and brace this period calmly.

Did this article trigger your interest? If you already have the slightest interest in slot games, you are encouraged to become an iBET member. iBET provides various popular hot games. There are free trial sessions for you to explore your interest. Besides that, you can also have a read on “Slot Games 101 – All You Need to Know About this Game of Chance” to learn more interesting facts about slot games!

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