Oddschecker Football:Five Kinds of Online Sportsbook Odds Rules

Today we are going to introduce you five kinds of sporting betting odds. Sportbooks will base on differents factors in sport events to make different odds representing the strength gap between two sport teams. All the sport events are evaluated by sportbooks, and the odds of sport events are provided for player’s selection. Now, Sportsbook Game Intro will take you further to understand sport betting odds with the below simple sport betting odds introduction.

iBET Online Sportsbook Game Betting Odds Introduction

Special Feature of Sportsbook Online Betting Odds

The five kinds of sport betting includes (HK)Hong Kong Odds, (US)American Odds, DEC(Decimal Odds), MY(Malay Odds) and IND(Indonesian Odds)

One of the special feature is these five odds are changeable. Players can base on their favorite and custom to chose their favorite betting combination. Now let i8 lead you to understand the difference of these five sport betting odds.

Soccer Bet Hong Kong Odds ( HK )

Hong Kong Odds are one kind of Asia odds, resembling Malay Odds and also the most popular sport betting odds in China. For this kind of sport betting odds arising in Hong Kong, so they’re called Hong Kong Odds. There’s no need for conversion of this odd because Chinese players are quite familiar with Hong Kong Odds. For example, with Hong Kong Odds 1.00, if you bet 100 dollars and win the game, you will get money by the formula: 100 X 1.00=100 dollars. The 100 dollars doesn’t contain your original principal.

iBET Online Sportsbook Game Betting Odds Introduction - HK

Online Malaysia Sportsbook American Odds Features

American Odds are also called “Moneyline”, their gameplay is slightly different from betting odds in Asia where lesser people bet on this kind. In American Odds, they will show as 113 which means a player betting 100 dollars will win a profit of 113 dollars if he wins the game.

iBET Online Sportsbook Game Betting Odds Introduction - US

The Sports Odds Offered by European Sportsbook

European odds are also called as “Decimal Odds” and also the odds offered by European sportsbook with the feature of containing the principal in their odds. For example, if a player bets 100 dollars with odds 3, sportbook will give the player 300 dollars including the principal of 100 dollars if the player win the game. In this case, the play can get a profit of 200 dollars. Almost European odds include the original principal, so when you calculate the expected profit, please remind to deduct your original principal.

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Sports Negative Odds in MY & IND Odds

1. Malay Odds ( MY )

Malay Odds have negative odds and are also called Negative Odds which is quite common in both Malaysia and Singapore area. What are Negative Odds? To put it in a simple way. If a player wins, the player will get a profit of the same amount of his wager. If the player loses the game, the player will lose the amount with the negative odd represented by sportbooks instead of all the wager. For example, with Malay Odds -0.90, if a player bets 100 dollars and wins the game, the player will get 100 dollars; if the player loses the game, he only loses the amount of 100 X0.90= 90 dollars, and the rest of 10 dollars will be given back to his account.

iBET Online Sportsbook Game Betting Odds Introduction - MY


2. Indonesian Odds ( IND )

Indonesian Odds have negative odds as Malay odds do. If Hong Kong Odds are less than -1, you will lose much than your original wager. To put it in a simple way, if a player bets 100 dollars with -1.11 odds, he will lose 100*1.11=111 dollars if he loses the game, while he wins the game, he will get the same amount of his wager which is 100 dollars. If you bet with odds -1 you will lose more than your wager while you lose the game, vice versa.

iBET Online Sportsbook Game Betting Odds Introduction - IND


【i8 Tips】

Averagely, the higher the Hong Kong Odds, the lower the winning chances and the higher the risks is; while if you bet with the lower Hong Kong Odds, you will get the higher winning chances.

The above is brief sport betting introduction. Now let i8 recommends you More Sports Betting Type Introduction and you can try all these odds in 3 SING sportbook game-room !

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