Champions League Qualification

With the Premier League 2019/20 drawing to a close, the focus has now shifted to finding out which club will secure the final spots to qualify for the Champions League.

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After being crowned the 2019/20 Premier League Champions, the Liverpool football club has become the first Premier League team to secure a spot in the 2020/2021 Champions League. Liverpool ranks first in the EPL table, with 93 points.

Jurgen Klopp and the boys will get into action again on July 23 to go against Chelsea at Anfield Stadium.

This home match is bound to be a memorable and special one because the Premier League trophy presentation will take place after the football match with Chelsea finishes.

It is also going to be a very emotional and intimate moment for Klopp and the players, for they have finally broken the spell of a 30-year wait to win an English title.

For their last match of the season, Liverpool will go against Newcastle on July 26 (MYT), at St James’ Park.

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Manchester City: 

The sky has finally cleared for Pep Guardiola and his club.

About the beginning of this week, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has finally cleared the Manchester City men of committing severe breaches of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations between 2012 and 2016.

Pep and the European football governing body has had beef for close to a decade now, and the latest predicament of allegedly breaching the FFP regulations has strained their relationship even further. Because of the allegations, Manchester City received a two-year ban from the Champions League.

Luckily, the CAS reviewed Manchester City’s appeal and had overturned the ban. The body also released a statement, stating Manchester City, indeed, did not break any rules by disguising equity funding as sponsorship.

Manchester City will join Liverpool in competing at the Champion League this coming season. This means, two other clubs in Premier League will qualify for the Champions League, while those ranking at the fifth and sixth place will join the Europa League.

Although excluded from the ban, the body had decided that Manchester City had failed to cooperate with the UEFA authorities. With that said, the Citizens had to pay a fine of 10 million euros (RM 48,636,083.92) as a penalty. Before the UEFA decided to reduce the fine, it was worth 30 million euros (RM 145,908,251.76).

Pep was grateful for the lifted ban, but he said he and the team deserves an apology. In a statement, Pep feedbacked that he would have accepted any decisions or punishment given by UEFA and CAS amicably, had they committed a foul.

Many other coaches had shown their support and given their feedback on Pep’s circumstance, such as Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho (coach of Tottenham Hotspur), and Mikel Arteta (coach of Arsenal). All of them unanimously agreed that what Pep and the boys were put through by UEFA was disgraceful and that they deserve to be in the Champions League because their performance thus far in the Premier League has been nothing but astounding.

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Manchester City proceeds, other clubs will have to fight even harder

Had City’s ban remained, the club finishing fifth would have gotten the chance to compete with the big guys, while the club ranking at the seventh place would have gotten a spot to progress to the Europa League.

While Liverpool and Manchester City take a quick breather, other football clubs are on their toes, ready to give their all in every match to secure a spot to either the Champions League or Europa League. 

Like playing Musical Chairs, Chelsea, Leicester City, and Manchester United must stay alert and seize every match that they have remaining to secure the top three and top four spots that will advance them to the Champions League. 

Chelsea ranks third in the EPL table currently and needs four points to secure their place. The Blues have two matches left with Liverpool (July 23) and Wolves (July 26), and their spot can be shaky if their performance on both days falls short.

Leicester VS Sheffield United 2-0 recap

Today (July 17), Leicester faced Sheffield United the King Power stadium. Right before the 30th minute, Ayoze Perez, who plays as a forward or attacking midfielder for Leicester, headed the club in scoring their first goal. Jamie Vardy attempted to echo Perez’s stunt, but he struck the ball right outside of the post. Disappointment must have gotten the best of Vardy because he could be seen letting out an upset f*uck. The match ended on a good note with Demarai Gray scoring the second goal for the team, with the help of Vardy in assist. 

Crystal Palace VS Manchester United 0-2 recap

Patrick van Aanholt and Rashford were running side by side, body to body, hoping to get a hold of the ball. But Rashford, who plays as a forward, seized the ball and kicked it right into the goalpost, scoring United’s first goal. Anthony Martial propelled the team to victory with his outstanding kick on the 78th minute. 

Because of the 2-0 win from Leicester and Manchester United, both clubs can join Chelsea on securing a guaranteed spot to the Europa League. To join the Champions League, it will boil down to two of these three teams taking the two spots left at the Premier League ranking. 

Which club do you think will brace the odds?

All clubs will try with might to earn a spot at one of the most prestigious football events that will qualify them for the FIFA World Cup. Which club do you think will defy all odds and put its foot down on the final ranking? Find out on iTV, where we will stream all of the matches live.

The Premier League champions, Liverpool, will receive their long-awaited trophy tomorrow (July 23). Since it is not just a celebration for the club’s diligence, but also pulling the plug on their 30-year barren spell.

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