Online Soccer Gambling: English Premier League, the Best Football Competition of England


Is the Premier League the best football league in the world? There are many debates on this topic with competitions from Spain and France. But what we know for sure is that it’s definitely the best league in England.

Don’t believe us? Here are 9 reasons why the Premier League is the top in England…


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Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#1: An All English European Final

An All English European Final

The four European finalists this season all came from the Premier League and it’s the first time every team has come from one country as Chelsea and Arsenal join Spurs and Liverpool in showpieces. Both Liverpool and Tottenham made incredible comebacks during their second leg of the Champions League semifinal; you would have missed out on a big one if you had missed those games. Did I also mention both teams came from the Premier League?


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#2: Local Derbies

Local Derbies

England is the most compact and densely populated country to host a top-level league. It fills the football world with plenty of local derbies.

The North London derby, Manchester derby, Merseyside derdy, and others. However, none of them quite matches the global magnitude and quasi-historical significance of Real Madrid versus Barcelona, the sheer unhinged intensity of Boca Juniors versus River Plate or even the ugly sectarian vitriol of the currently defunct Old Firm contests.

But they are always a highlight on the fixture list for the clubs involved, and the unpredictability of the derbies makes it even more of a joy to watch.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#3: Wages $$$


A few select EPL superstars do earn colossal amounts of cash, with TV sponsorship and commercial commitments, but many EPL players, especially younger players, are way down the list when it comes to this.
Life still isn’t that bad as a footballer though. According to the BBC, the following wages by age bracket are earned in the EPL:

17-18: £24,500 19-20: £95,000 21-22: £390,000 23-24: £582,500 25-26: £653,000 27-28: £899,500 29-30: £806,000 31-32: £586,000
33+: 660,500
Average: £676,000
So after tax, there is still plenty left for another diamond in the ear, another Bentley on the forecourt, and another three week holiday in the Maldives.

But of course, we all know that the players don’t work their guts out in the EPL for money alone! Players like Mohamed Salah, Sergio Aguero and Sadio Mane are in it for the glory and prestige. Playing in the EPL looks great on your CV and it’ll get your face known in every bar on earth, from Finland to Patagonia. Now we know why the world loves the English Premier League.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#4: Goals in the EPL

Goals in the EPL

The EPL does not have the highest goal to game ratio in Europe; that honor goes to the Eredivisie in the Netherlands who often manage over 3 goals per game. But what does that say about a league where goals come so cheaply? That’s right; the quality of the defenders is in doubt! In the Dutch league, there are many large and clumsy defenders, who, it has to be said, aren’t the best when it comes to close marking and making saves.

In the English league, the exact opposite happens. There are still quite a number of large and clumsy defenders playing but they do not give strikers much space. These defenders know what they are doing.

Even the smaller clubs know how to battle it out which suggests that every goal has to be worked for. There aren’t that many cheap goals as from what we know, the strikers have to earn the rights to score.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#5: EPL’s Tight Competition

Tight Competition

Look at the top six clubs in any league in Europe and ask yourself “Have all six got a chance to win the league?”

The answer would be only in the EPL has such hot competition with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur all competing for the top spot. You wouldn’t have this level of top competition anywhere other than the EPL.

In Spain, for example, the only two elite clubs who end up fighting for the title are Barcelona and Real Madrid. In Italy you usually have three, in Germany it’s often two, recently only one, and in France, you will sometimes have three.

Only England has four top clubs challenging for the title on a regular basis. There’s nowhere else in the world that happens season to season. And now that Leicester City has just won the EPL, there is no knowing what to expect next.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#6: Football Stars

Football Stars

The Premier League has produced some of the world’s best talents from Cristiano Ronaldo to Wayne Rooney and it is definitely not something new to the football world.

Teams like Manchester United often promote their academy players to the first team which was how the famous “Class of 92” was born. Who knew this team of teenagers that Sir Alex Ferguson had his faith in would then went on to dominate English football winning titles after titles.

In Spain, Real Madrid isn’t a fan of the academy program. They prefer to lure star players to their team by splashing out millions of dollars. This explains why Real Madrid has one of the highest average player’s wage in football.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#7: Premier League Wags

Premier League Wags

A wag (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons.

Premier League footballers have always attracted the hottest WAGs, but now even club owners are getting in on the act. Former Sunderland player, Peter Crouch is known for his beautiful fiancée which many guys would drool for.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#8: The Stadiums

The Stadiums

In the premiership, you don’t have to travel far to encounter a first-class stadium. They feature exceptional seating, viewing, and facilities. In addition, you have impeccable playing fields to play football on throughout the season.

The top ten clubs in the EPL all have exceptional home grounds—from the traditional rectangular favorites like Old Trafford and Anfield to the modern fields like the Emirates where Arsenal play their trade. Even the so-called smaller clubs have well-designed stadiums, often built to high standards.

Take newly promoted Southampton FC who plays at St Mary’s Stadium, the largest in the south of England outside London. It has a capacity of approximately 32,600 and has world-class facilities.

Let’s also not forget Tottenham’s newly built stadium which cost the team ONE BILLION to build. It has a capacity of 62,062, making it one of the largest stadiums in the Premier League and the largest club stadium in London.


Malaysia Sportsbook Tells Reason#9: Financial Strength

Financial Strength

10 of the 20 richest clubs in world football are English. Premier League makes the highest television revenue in football. Governing authorities ensure that the revenue is equally distributed to all participating clubs.

It is anticipated that the top clubs in England would receive around $150 million in total TV income and prize money. Whereas, the bottom table clubs would receive around $100 million by the end of the 2017/18 season.
Additionally, some of the biggest managerial names in football such as Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, and Antonio Conte have been lured to English shores to flex their tactical muscles. As a result, quite naturally, the attention of the public gets drawn towards the EPL.

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