Liverpool Premier League 2019/2020 Trophy Presentation

Liverpool Premier League 2019-2020 Trophy Presentation-1

Today was a memorable day for Liverpool and their supporters. After three decades, Jurgen Klopp and his men finally got their hands on the prestigious silverware at Anfield Stadium.

After the players received their medals, it was time for Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson to come to the Kop to receive his, and do his job as the leader of the club – hoist the Premier League trophy.

The history-makers huddled together and roared when Henderson lifted the trophy high up in the air. Soon after, fireworks lit the stadium and sky red, and confetti fell like snow.

No supporters were allowed entrance, but the atmosphere was nothing less than spectacular. But fans, against official advice, gathered outside of Anfield stadium even before the club arrived, eager to be part of this historical moment.

A roller coaster ride would best describe the day for Liverpool. Besides having played and won their final home game of the season, Sir Kenny Dalglish, the club’s former manager when they last won the title in 1990, attended and participated in the prize-giving ceremony.

Like a proud father, Sir Kenny gave Henderson a tight embrace before the captain proceeded to claim his trophy.

While the boys raised their fists in the air and jumped joyfully, Jurgen Klopp stood in the grass and watched his men on the Kop with immense pleasure, all the while wearing a bright smile on his face.

The ceremony came to an end with the Liverpool men and their close relatives on the field, singing You Will Never Walk Alone, the club’s theme song.

Before the official trophy presentation began, the Reds took to the dressing room for the first round of celebrations. They sang ‘Campione, Campione, Ole, Ole, Ole’ over and over, danced around the dressing room, popped bottles of champagne, and sprayed it at one another.

Interview with Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Premier League 2019-2020 Trophy Presentation-Jurgen Klopp-1

Reporters had a chance to do a quick interview with Klopp, who led the team to victory with seven games to spare.

In the interview, the reporter asked if the celebration made the grade without the fans inside the stadium. Being the wise man that he is, Klopp began his answer with, “That’s how life is, you make the best of what you get.” He proceeded to say that it would have been perfect had the stadium was full, but he could not be happier knowing that fans from all around the world are celebrating together, safely.

The next question touched base on how Klopp maintains the club’s steady performance, which he answered was all about consistency, staying on track, staying creative, and having high-level training.

Another question, which tapped into most of our concerns, especially for those who sports bet online, asked if Klopp stressed his boys to win the match against Chelsea even though they sealed the championships last month. Klopp answered that the team reaped what they have sown.

When asked if the successes Liverpool has attained thus far would make the club hunger for more, Klopp responded that the team would improve and do what they can to add to their already-impressive accomplishments.

To wrap up the session, Jurgen Klopp gave a message to the loyal Liverpool fans and said all that Liverpool is doing is for them. After reminding fans to stay home and celebrate safely, he added that they would have another celebration together as a big family, once the situation (pandemic) permits.

Interview with Jordan Henderson

Liverpool Premier League 2019-2020 Trophy Presentation-Jordan Henderson

The captain of Liverpool said that the lads deserve the celebration because they have worked very hard for it. He was grateful that his family was there to witness the club’s success and celebrate.

When asked if there was a moment in the season that was pivotal to the team becoming champions, Henderson said there wasn’t in specific, because each match was a chance for the team to learn, improve, and grow. He also added that the team’s confidence grew over time and that they practiced a togetherness-mentality.

Henderson emphasized the importance of teamwork and said that the lads would always have each other’s backs, no matter inside or outside of competitions. He also said that being able to get together so well contributed to their success in the pitch.

The interviewers praised Henderson for his outstanding performance throughout the season. But instead of swimming in the pool of compliments, he gave credits to his club and coach, Jurgen Klopp. He said his success was due to the club’s teamwork, and Klopp for believing in them all the time.

Henderson wrapped up the interview with a promise to himself, the club, and the fans that he would continue to improve himself until the end.

Liverpool Home Game Recap

The derby between Liverpool and the Blues was insane! The Reds rocked their home game and beat Chelsea by 5-3.

Being able to beat Chelsea was no easy feat, and the fact that they have exceeded everybody’s expectations, even the sports betting odds, was truly incredible and made their celebration that much more meaningful.

The Chelsea men made a few attempts to break the deadlock but did not succeed. But Naby Keita, Liverpool’s midfielder, got the ball rolling by making the goal in the middle of the pitch. The second goal was made by Trent Alexander-Arnold, the man of the match, during a free-kick.

Gini Wijnaldum scored the third goal in close-range, while Roberto Firmino headed his first Premier League home goal in the 54th minute, with Trent in assist. With six minutes left on the clock, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain wrapped up the home game on a high note from Andy Robertson’s cross.

Champions League Qualification

There are two more spots left for the Champions League qualification. Chelsea needs just one more point to seal a top-four finish. Their match with the Wolves on July 26, 11 PM (MYT) will be the determiner.

The final day of the Premier League 2019/2020 is also crucial for Manchester United and Leicester City, who will go head to head at King Power Stadium.

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