FA Cup 2019/2020 Prediction – City Leads

It is no new news that the Corona pandemic has thwarted many sports events. The FA Cup, for instance, had to be suspended during the quarter-final stage, which took place on June 29. 

Following the changing of the season, the FA Cup is going to resume its semi-finals on July 19 and July 20.

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What is the significance of the FA Cup?

The Football Association Challenge Cup, who we all identify as the FA Cup, is the oldest annual knockout competition in the world of football, and it takes place yearly.

Any football teams from the Premier League and down to Level 10 of the English Football League (EFL) can join the FA Cup. 

The English football teams look highly of the FA Cup because it is the qualifier match for the UEFA Europa League. For football teams that are not as established or viewed as a strong match yet, they would hope to be giant-killers and defeat some of the top teams. 

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FA Cup quarter-final recap & fixture

The Citizens remain as one of the top-flight football clubs by beating Newcastle 2-0 at the quarter-final stage at St. James Park.  

Instead of hitting, both clubs had a fair share of missing their chances at scoring goals for their respective club because of carelessness and the lack of precision. 

On the 16th minute, Kyle Walker passed the ball to David Silva, who was already standing by at the penalty area. It was a sweet spot for Silva, but not enough for him to catch the ball properly and kick it into the goalpost. Instead, the ball merely touched the tip of his shoe, bounced, and skewed right outside of the goalpost, passing Gabriel Jesus, who was helpless as well. 

Fast forward to the 30th minute, Kevin De Bruyne, whom the commenter called the iconic midfield player of Manchester City, faced Karl Darlow, goalkeeper of Newcastle at the penalty kick. And being his iconic self, De Bruyne effortlessly kicked the ball, and it flew right into the corner of goalpost. He knew where exactly he wanted the goal to head to, having Darlow go the other way. 

A bad pass from Otamendi has given way to Newcastle forward player, Allan Saint-Maximin, a chance to get hold of the ball and pass it to Dwight Gayle. The pass from Maximin was so spot on, that is was easy-peasy for Gayle to fetch. 

With nobody impeding, Gayle was supposed to be able to make the perfect goal, seeing how the goal was open. But he made an error, and the ball skewed right past the goalpost. Disappointed, Gayle and Steve Bruce, the Magpies’ manager, did a facepalm. On the other hand, Saint-Maximin scratched his head, completely let down by the incident. 

Other than Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling also became the star of the match that propelled Manchester City to the semi-finals. Darlow was close to blocking, but the ball came in hot, and as luck would have it, victory sided Sterling. 

Lee Mason’s whistle closed the curtain for the FA Cup quarter-final, and the suspension followed up.  

The semi-finals will see Arsenal going against Manchester City on July 19 at Wembley Stadium, and Manchester United will take on Chelsea on July 20 at Wembley Stadium too. These matches will take place at 2:45 AM (MYT) and 1:00 AM (MYT), respectively. Be sure to watch them on iTV because we will be streaming it live. 

The FA Cup final will come about at Wembley on either August 1 or 2 (MYT), just a week after the Premier League season comes to an end. We are still unsure of the kick-off time, though. Similarly, you can rest assured to be part of yet another historical moment, watching the title-holder come to life via the iTV live stream. 

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Arsenal VS Manchester City & Manchester United VS Chelsea Prediction


For a long time, the top teams in the English Premier League have dominated the FA Cup. The winnings team for the past ten years only ever switches between Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United, except for that one time, where Wigan Athletic did the unexpected and upset the ritual in the 2012/13 season. 

With no underdogs in the list, the FA Cup season this year has boiled down to the matter of which club repeating their days of glory. 

It seems Manchester City will dominate the 2019/20 season. Not to mention, losing the Premier League title will add fuel to their desire to take home at least the most renowned domestic cup in the world. Gunnar and Lampard’s men appear to have a shot at creating a shock. Mikel Arteta and his boys may continue to dwell in being called the underdog club. 

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Which Club Do You Think Will Brace The Odds? Which Club Do You Think Will Defy All Odds And Put Its Foot Down On The Final Ranking?

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