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To solve problems at the platform is our primary responsibility. Sports betting is one of the popular games. In the following paragraph, we want to introduce you a common playing way – HDP & OU.

Sport Betting Game Intro About HDP & OU 

HSP & OU is simple. You have to select two teams, summing up the scores at the end of the event if it’ll be bigger or smaller than the winning number launched by the platform. In fact, this figure is based on the scoring average of both teams, so players can estimate by scoring rates before betting.

Sport Betting Game Intro About HDP & OU


【i8 Tips】

For petanca, the number will be fluctuating during the game. However, the basis is the one when you place your bet.


Following The Tips for Betting Sports Platform

Take following table for example. The platform launches number four. If the final score is 2-3, it’ll be five for adding up. Five is bigger than four, so you win if you bet Big, and you lose if you bet Small.

The Tips for Betting iBET Sports iBET Platform

Which Sports Live Game Room You Can Bet HDP / OU

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