Getting to Know Everton Football Club

Getting to Know Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club is a football team playing in the English Premier League (EPL), the highest division of English football, and i8 is proud to be its official betting partner in Asia. Get to know more about the history and success stories of this club.

The club was founded in 1878 as St. Domingo F.C. and was widely known as “The Toffees” or “The Toffeemen“, coming from their move to Goodison Park.

Everton Football Club

Some say that their nickname came from a toffee shop named Mother Noblett’s, with other reasons being that members of the Everton club held frequent meetings at Ye Anciente Everton Toffee House in Village Street.

They have had many other nicknames over the years, such as “The Black Watch“ after the famous army regiment. After deciding to change their colours to blue in 1901, they have been colloquially known as “The Blues“ ever since.

As the decades went by, their nicknames went beyond their team colours as soon their innovative and attractive playing style earned them nicknames such as “The School Of Science” after Steve Bloomer dubbed the team as ‘scientific’.

And in 1995, the FA Cup-winning team were known as “The Dogs Of War”, and subsequently being dubbed as “The People’s Club”—adopted as the club’s semi-official nickname—following the arrival of former manager David Moyes.

Everton is also best known for being former Manchester United player Wayne Rooney’s debut ground. The club is also known for giving a springboard to other younger players such as Leon Osman, Tony Hibbert, the highly-rated Ross Barkley and many more.

Achievements and Interesting Facts About Everton

Historically, their innovations and openness to take the first step have garnered them a significant number of firsts—having a plaque in the stadium that touts Goodison Park as the ‘Home Of Firsts’. Below is just a glimpse of their firsts:

Accomplishments – The First Club to:

  • be presented with the League Championship Trophy
  • win a Championship on two different grounds
  • go on an overseas football tour
  • play 3000 top-flight matches
  • achieve 5000 points in the League
  • have a player score 60 league goals in a season
  • to win the FA Cup on Merseyside
  • to achieve 100 years in the Top Flight

Interesting facts – The First Club to:

  • have an England International striker (Gary Lineker) win The Golden Boot at a FIFA World Cup event
  • use football nets
  • employ a Coach/Manager
  • have a scoreboard half-time/full-time facility
  • be visited by a reigning Monarch
  • win a European Penalty shoot-out
  • stage a FIFA World Cup Semi-Final
  • complete five consecutive years of competing in European competitions

Everton Football Club Overall Success

Everton Football Club Overall Success

Beyond its many firsts, the club acquired its first taste of success in the 1890-91 season as the newly founded football league winners. The members found further success by winning the 1906 FA cup and subsequently went on to win another five FA Cup titles and nine Premier League titles to date.

Known for their tenacity—bouncing back from near relegation to eventually win their fourth and fifth league titles—the club was also known for having legendary star players in the form of Dixie Dean who scored 60 league goals in 39 games.

Everton Football Club Overall Success-Dixie Dean

It was then that the moniker “The School Of Science” began to find its way into public consciousness. This is particularly apparent in one of their most memorable periods which was during Henry Catterick’s era as club manager.

Under Catterick’s leadership, the club became league winners in 1962-63, and 1969-70, while successfully sandwiching a FA Cup win among a run of European campaigns. Couple this with legendary midfield trio Colin Harvey, Alan Ball and Howard Kendall that asserted the club’s dominance during that era—collectively known as the ‘Holy Trinity’—what was reflected was the embodiment of the guile and precision that the ‘School Of Science’ moniker was meant to promote.

Everton Football Club Overall Success - School Of Science1

This playstyle was further reinforced, perhaps more familiarly, during the Howard Kendall era of the 1980s. During the former player/manager’s reign, Everton won two more league titles and the European Cup in 1985, even beating then greats Manchester United in the top flight on several occasions.

Another noteworthy period of the club was when it was under the helm of David Moyes at the start of the 2004-05 season. Everton escaped relegation and eventually finished fourth at the end of the season. It was a sign of things to come, eventually seeing success in the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League and the 2009 FA Cup as runners up.

By the end of his tenure in 2013, the results of his labour are undeniable; he managed to transform an ageing side on the cusp of relegation into a valuable side that was able to frequently compete among the best in Europe and even assert themselves in the UEFA Champions League.

Everton Football Club Overall Success-David Moyes

Using what limited resources he has—operating the club with only the 11th best budget in the Premier League—to steer the club to competitive finishes within the top 10 is a testament to his merit as a club manager, and is surely impressive enough to demand respect on its own.

In more recent times, the club has seen some ups and downs in the form of elusive wins and on the pitch decisions made during crucial moments of play. Before current manager, Rafael Benitez—Carlo Ancelotti, who was highly fortunate to have managed Everton behind closed doors last season—brought the team back into form with a seven-game winning start to the campaign, brilliant away results including a 3-0 win at Anfield in 22 years since 1990, plus the development of young talent Ben Godfrey.

Although the efforts of predecessor Ancelotti brought about many positive changes, it also came at the expense of the stability and gradual rebuilding process that Everton craves so badly. What he has left behind for current manager Rafael Benitez is a side that is capable in defence—or at least one capable of absorbing pressure when on the back foot away from home.

However, the three-times Champions League winner was struggling to correct the club’s inability to bring the game to the opponents while maintaining their balance and composure.

To compound the woes that befall the club, Benitez’s midfield has been struggling with an injury that has uprooted Allan’s impressive start with André Gomes struggling to recover top form since his horrific ankle dislocation, and £25m arrival Jean-Philippe Gbamin still working hard to achieve the desired levels of fitness that had since eluded him, plus the departure of right-back James Rodriguez, a class but fragile influence contributing to a recent dip in form as the club now falls back on pedigree attackers Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison and one of the Premier League’s most creative full-backs in Lucas Digne.

While it has been a challenging time for the club’s managers and supporters alike, Everton has always had a history of bouncing back from the nadir of their seasons and then going on to achieve the seemingly impossible.

There is no doubt that Rafael Benitez has many significant gaps to bridge ​​between himself and the fans, plus Everton and the European contenders to bring the club back to form.

Everton Football Club Overall Success-Rafael Benitez

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