How to Make Staying Home Less Monotonous?

Another year, another lockdown. How are you holding up?

Around the same time last year, the battle to end COVID-19 in Malaysia was (finally) coming to fruition, as the government implement a Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

We were able to enjoy the simple pleasures and habits that we once took for granted, like swimming in a public pool, exercising at a park, trying on clothes, dining in a restaurant, and more.

Now, we are back at ground zero and worse. The seemingly perpetual lockdown will end on June 28, 2021. There are more variants, cases, and fatalities, and we are hitting a new record daily.

Another year, another lockdown-mco-malaysia-covid19

And just like that, we are robbed of our routines. Not to forget, the economy and Rakyat are slapped with a financial setback once more.

With the introduction of new regulations to tackle the pandemic nationwide, ‘lockdown fatigue’ is becoming a thing. Some of us feel restless, dreadful, and annoyed; although, not all experience the lockdown the same way.

On that note, how are you holding up? Are you digging, or have you had enough? Either way, iBET has the knack for adding some life into life bounded at home.

And that’s bringing the UEFA EURO 2020 to you! Whether you are home-loving or not, this football championship will surely be the float for anybody sinking in the boredom or who wants to chill in the sea of home-staying bliss.

The UEFA EURO 2020 continues amidst the pandemic and global lockdown.

The UEFA European Championship is one of the most anticipated football tournaments. It takes place once every four years and is a prestigious event where football die-hards come together to spectate the advancing or failing of their favourite clubs.

The champion gets to wrap up the season with a Henri Delaunay trophy and some millions Ringgit Malaysia extra in the club’s piggy bank.

If you have forgotten, the UEFA EURO 2020 was supposed to run from June 12 to July 12 last year. And because it was celebrating its 60th Anniversary, the UEFA committee was ready to put the flags out.

UEFA EURO 2020 60th Anniversary-Football

Except, the pandemic hit and all things fell back to square one. Luckily, after months of revision and planning, the event is now back on track. It has begun (June 11) and will continue till July 11.

Nonetheless, the UEFA committee is taking no risks. Strict SOPs are set in place so fans travelling from other countries can watch the matches live safely and that the hosting cities can exclude themselves from the nightmare of a surge.

Fans can also choose to return their tickets. Here’s the official FAQ for EURO 2020 spectators, such as the changes in fixtures, host cities, and more.

Now, you must be wondering how EURO 2020 can help make the lockdown and staying home a little less monotonous. Read on!

Good to know:
The championship retains the name of EURO 2020, not EURO 2021.

iBET Will Bring the UEFA EURO 2020 to You and Keep You Company

With the last call to order food being 7:20 p.m. and restaurants closing by 8:00 p.m., watching football would be drastically different this year.

No more late-night Mamak sessions, no more crossing district, so you can hang with your friends that are also football kakis to watch the matches or even play a few rounds together.

Not being able to get together feels different, but apa boleh buat, right? And that is why iBET is determined to bring the UEFA EURO 2020 to you to keep you company.

iBET may not be able to get you tickets to watch the matches live at a stadium, but it gives you the chance to catch all of them live for free at the safety of your own home, alongside the opportunity to win cash prizes and luxurious gifts.

Catch the UEFA EURO 2020 Matches Live and for Free. High-Quality Streaming Included!

UEFA EURO 2020 Matches Live and for Free. High-Quality Streaming Included

iTV is free, and the quality of the stream is unmatched

iTV is a member-only service offered by iBET. It streams top-notch football plus basketball matches live. E-sports will soon be available for streaming as well.

iTV is free, and the quality of the stream is unmatched – no glitch, no fuzzy pixelation. It is so clear you can even see the droplets of sweats from the players. You can find the fixtures, results, and the tournament table here as well. There is also a site by iTV that shows the EURO 2020 highlights.

That said, you can always be part of the adrenaline and never miss out on even the bits and pieces of all of the EURO 2020 matches. What’s even better? You don’t have to worry about VPN or waste time subscribing to a website, only to cancel afterwards.

To enjoy iTV, sign up as an iBET online casino member! Don’t forget to tapao some Mamak food to relive the experience of eating out and lepak-ing!

Other than tuning in, there are other activities and promotions that you can participate in, which iBET has organized mainly in conjunction with EURO 2020.

Joining them will help you walk away with *drumroll*, a brand new Mini Cooper, Vespa, Rolex, cash prizes, and more! With iBET, it’s more than winning.

Good to know:

While watching the EURO 2020 matches live on iTV, you can also place a sports bet. This way, you have more flexibility in deciding which club to bet on or whether to change the types of bet you are paying for because you can gauge the performance of the matches in real-time.

iBET Promotions You Should Join this Football Season to Keep You Company and Win Your Dream Prizes

Joining these promotions is even more exciting than receiving your parcels from Shopee or Lazada! The prizes you can win are out of your imagination and will get your thrill out of the roof.

Prizes aside, the other attraction of our promotions is that they are inclusive. Our promotions are budget-friendly and don’t need members to fork out a boatload of money to participate, yet they come with a rewarding “return of investments”.

Plus, if you get your friends to sign up as a member, you and they can reap the benefits of our referral program!

These promotions are available for a limited time only. So, join while they last, win big, and add some fun to your lockdown days!

Promotion: EURO 2020 Lucky Draw

The grand prize for this lucky draw is a brand new, all-paid MINI John Cooper Works Countryman. Other than exquisite gifts, iBET also rewards you with iMONEY, iPOINTS, and deposit bonuses.

The catch is that you need to accumulate a total deposit of RM500 to get one shot at the lucky draw.

Promotion period: June 12 – July 12 (2021)

Promotion: Double Payout

Pick and watch any EURO 2020 matches on iTV and place your bet on the club you support. If you win, iBET will double your winnings! You get more money if you have more successful bets.

iBET is rewarding your winnings with a 100% bonus, and that’s up to RM288 extra for you, for free!

Promotion period: Submit your application before July 15 (2021)

Promotion: Refer a Friend

The ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion does not run in conjunction with EURO 2020. But, since hanging out with your friends is not a thing in the wind, you might as well rekindle and connect with them with something monetarily rewarding.

Get your friends to register as an iBET member, and they receive RM18 for free each. On the other hand, you get RM18 for each friend who successfully collects a total deposit of RM100.

Promotion: Weekly Cashback

Accumulate your weekly deposits to win cashback! iBET is giving away up to RM5,888. The ‘Weekly Cashback’ promotion applies to sports betting only.

Now is a prime time to sports bet because the EURO 2020 is happening, and you can watch it live on iTV!

Now There Is Something to Look Forward To this Lockdown


If you do not gamble, the promotions above might not be attractive. But, maybe you can make this lockdown a period for you to try new things and develop new hobbies!

Gambling always gets depicted negatively, and it is said to bring more ruins than rewards. However, that is far from being true.

Gambling activities, such as sports betting, are full of excitement if carried out responsibly and modestly. And like any other hobbies, gambling is a form of entertainment. It is stimulating, enjoyable, and rewarding.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to pick up a new hobby? Remember, you don’t have to start with a lot of money. Bet with what you can afford, and continue within your means. Ultimately, this is one of the pastimes that can fill your leisure when staying home.

Let iBET keep you company during this lockdown and reward you!

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