Premier League Trophy

It is finally happening! The Premier League champions, Liverpool, will receive their long-awaited trophy tomorrow (July 23).

The day has finally come for the Liverpool men and Jurgen Klopp to relish in the joy of being named the title-holder for the Premier League 2019/2020 season. Their final home game will take place at Anfield Stadium, with Chelsea as visitors.

Anfield Hour posted a video of an engraver engraving Liverpool on the sterling silver of the trophy on Twitter, which fuelled the hype.

The ceremony will take place after the match, and we will see Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, lift the trophy in the mighty Kop. A mix of sentiments will fill the air, since it is not just a celebration for the club’s diligence, but also pulling the plug on their 30-year barren spell. Would there be tears of joy?

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Match Recap: Watford VS Manchester City & Aston Villa VS Arsenal

Watford VS Manchester City

Currently ranking at second in the Premier League standings, Manchester City has defeated Watford to the ground with an astonishing 0-4.

Watford VS Manchester City

It didn’t take long before Raheem Sterling, City’s forward player, scored the first goal for the club. It was a convenient goal for Sterling because nobody was within even three yards of him. He watched the ball for a quick bit, set himself, and kicked it right into the goalpost.

Sterling scored another goal for Manchester City during a penalty kick, all thanks to Will Hughes sticking his foot out and toppling Sterling over, while Kabasele dove right in to defend. On the first attempt, Ben Foster was able to save the goal, but as soon as the ball bounced, Sterling gave no time and immediately followed up, kicking it straight into the post.

Foden, with Sterling’s assist, scored a hat-trick on the 62nd minute. It was a prime position for Foden since no other players were after him, except for Adrian Mariappa, who took a fall when he dove and missed the ball. Foster also had his eyes on Sterling all the time, leaving the post vulnerable. With hindsight, Watford defenders were not forthcoming, and the outcome could have been different had they acted more vigilant.

The Hornets’ goal difference advantage diminished when Aymeric Laporte pinned the ball with his head and sealed the derby with a nil-four.

In an interview, Foster said the team’s confidence was crazy low on the day of the derby, and their attempt to minimize the damage worsened it.

Maybe Watford’s tragic end could have been narrated differently, had the club decided against sacking Nigel Pearson with just two games left to play.

Aston Villa VS Arsenal

Aston Villa, who ranks 17 in the Premier League standings with 34 points, shocked the world with a 1-0 against Arsenal, who are 19 points ahead.

Aston Villa VS Arsenal

The team was relying on the captain, Jack Grealish, and midfielder, Danny Drinkwater, to score for Aston Villa. But the men’s concerns were futile, as Trezeguet, a midfielder, made a clean and crisp strike shortly after the match began, at the 26th minute.

Conor Hourihane kicked the ball from the far post and delivered the ball strategically to Trezeguet, who was not fenced in by any players at that time. Arsenal goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, stood no chance and was only able to watch as the ball rolled into the goalpost with speed. Dean Smith, who was expressionless at first, broke into a big YES and clapped from the side.

Dani Ceballos tried to echo Aston Villa’s success but kicked his ball way too high up the goal post. Jack Grealish and Kienan Davis wanted to pull Aston Villa further out of the gutter, but all of their attempts came within a whisker of just shooting a little over the goalpost.

On the 76th minute, Aston Villa had a close call when Nicolas Pepe kicked the ball from the corner and dropped it strategically for Eddie Nketiah to pin it with his head. The ball could have fallen right in the goalpost but goalkeeper, Pepe Reina, was able to catch it swiftly. The ball slipped out of his grip eventually, but Pepe Reina’s quick reflex caught the ball once more. He held it close and tightly to his chest, surprised and thankful that Villa had that narrow escape.

John McGinn from Aston and Dani Ceballos from Arsenal also tried to score one for their respective clubs at the final minutes, but their attempt, as shown in the result, was unsuccessful.

Manchester United VS West Ham & Liverpool VS Chelsea Prediction

Manchester United VS West Ham

Manchester United VS West Ham

The match between the Red Devils and West Ham will take place tomorrow (July 23) at 1 AM. It is going to be a home match for the United men.

United’s defeat to Chelsea at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final was disappointing. However, this derby with West Ham and their final match of the 2019/2020 season with Leicester at King Power Stadium could be their golden chance to become one of the Premier League top-four clubs.

Currently, Leicester has the same points of 62 as Manchester United but ranks just above them because of higher goals scored. Since the goal difference will become the determiner as to which club will advance to the Champions League qualification, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will expect nothing but a flawless performance and a big win over West Ham.

David Moyes, coach for West Ham, and his boys will most likely take part in the Premier League next term, since they are now three points above the relegation zone, with two games left to play.

Verdict: The United men are so close to grabbing the top-four spot, Ole Gunnar won’t let any odds get in the way and will make sure the team gives their all. On the other hand, West Ham will also do their best and make sure that the fate of relegation doesn’t catch up.

It seems both clubs will score, but Manchester United will have the upper hand.

Liverpool VS Chelsea

Although there will be no change to the title-holder already, Liverpool will surely want to end its final home game on a high note. Plus, it is the day where they will finally lay hands on the trophy. If they don’t win, surely the celebration will feel lacking.

On the flip side of the coin, Chelsea only needs one more match to secure their spot as one of the top-four clubs that will qualify for the Champions League. However, fatigue may pose a problem for Frank Lampard’s boys, as they have just completed their FA Cup semi-final. Moreover, Liverpool and Chelsea are enemies on the field, Jurgen Klopp’s men will want to put a dent on the Blues’ hopes for qualification.

Verdict: Liverpool may have missed the chance to break the Premier League points record, but they will want to keep their home record, which is astounding thus far. At the same time, Chelsea has come so far and is now so close to qualifying; the Blues will not let anybody come their way and take the top-four spot away from them.

Just like the match between Manchester United and West Ham, it appears Liverpool and Chelsea will both score, and the result may end with a tie.

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Liverpool Premier League 2019/2020 Trophy Presentation : Congratulations to Liverpool for winning the EPL championship again after 30 years! Let’s take a look at the mentality of the head coach and the players!

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