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Sports betting odds predict the outcome of a match. Even before the match day, you will likely know how the match is going to end just by looking at the odds. Besides that, you can also know how much you can win based on the sports betting odds given. It is very common to find sports betting odds especially in Sportsbook Malaysia websites. Football bet has one of the biggest market in sports betting.


Master the Types of Football Bet Odds Set by Football Bookies

Master the Types of Football Bet Odds Set by Football Bookies

To win more from football bets, it is critical to learn and understand how sports betting odds work. Newbies may find it confusing initially but once you understand it, it will no longer be a problem. Mastering the sports betting odds will only increase your chances of winning a bet.  Sports betting odds are usually set by a football bookie, while the odds for online football bets are determined by the betting website. Online football bets can be placed on any sporting events in the world. However, the sports betting odds provided by different websites may be presented in a different format that may be unknown to the players. Despite the format of the given sports betting odds, it always indicates the same thing which is the bet’s payout when a person wins.

There are two types of sports betting odds. It is normally displayed in the form of fractions or decimal points. The form of sports betting odds used is usually depends on the country the sport event is held.


 (1) Fractional Odds

Fractional odds is presented with two numbers divided by a slash, for example 2/1, 3/1, and 2/3. How the sports event will likely to end can be known though simple calculation from the fractional odds. Here is some example of calculations on the fractional odds.

  • For the fractional odds of 2/1, 2/ (2+1) = 0.67. This indicates there is a 67% chance of the sports event happening.
  • For the fractional odds of 3/1, 3/(3+1) = 0.75. This indicates there is a 75% chance of the sports event happening.
  • For the fractional odds of 1/4, 4/(4+1) = 0.80. This indicates there is a 50% chance of the sports event happening.

From the given fractional odds, the probability of a bet can be calculated. Besides that, the winning amount can also be known from the odds.

  • At the odds of 2/1, you will win RM2 for every RM1 bet.
  • At the odds of 3/1, you will win RM3 for every RM1 bet.
  • At the odds of 1/4, you will win RM4 for every RM1 bet.

(2) Decimal Odds

Another type of sports betting odds is in decimal point form. Some bettors may find the decimal odds easier to comprehend compared to fractional odds. Here are some examples of decimal odds calculations.

  • For 2.0 decimal odds, 20 – RM10 = RM10 winnings.
  • For 3.0 decimal odds, 30 – RM10 = RM20 winnings.
  • For 125 decimal odds, 125 – RM10 = RM2.5 winnings.

Both sports betting odds are equally good. It is just down to preference at the end of the day. Sports betting odds are just for you to know how much money you can win when what you are betting on wins. 


Most Popular Online Football Betting League

Most Popular Online Football Betting League

As mentioned before, the biggest share of the sports betting market belongs to football bets. Most of the football bets around the world happen in the ever popular English Premier League. In UK, football bets are known as soccer bets. The amount of soccer bets in the English Premier League grow bigger every year. English Premier League is the top tier of English football and it is the most famous football league throughout the globe. There are about 4 billion viewers for each Premier League match broadcasted. This has made the English Premier League a cut above the rest of other well-known football leagues such as La Liga of Spain and Serie A of Italy. 

The English Premier League has a total of 20 teams. In a season, each team will play 38 football matches against each other. Usually, a Premier League season will starts in August and ends in May of the following year. Football bookies offer sports betting odds for almost every match and occasion in the Premier League. There are even football bets for the final result of the whole tournament. For example, the English Premier League Title Winner, Top Four Finisher, and Bottom Three Relegation Teams.

The sports betting odds for football bets that depend on the final outcome of a season will fluctuate accordingly throughout the Premier League season. The odds will increase and decrease depending on each performance of the team and their position movement in the league table. The sports betting odds will also change when there are new signings, injury occurrence, and other important factors that may affect the team’s standing.

There is also another popular bet which does not depends on the match results. Betting on the Top Goal scorer of a Premier League season is one of the favourite bets. The bet on which football player will be the Top Goal scorer of the Premier League can be made at any time of the season.

Now that you have learnt about the sports betting odds and online football betting, it is time to find a good Sportsbook platform to start your betting journey.


The Best Sportsbooks You can Find and What They Have in Common

The Best Sportsbooks Malaysia You can Find and What They Have in Common

There are hundreds of Sportsbooks online to choose from and you are probably wondering which of these are better than the rest. Here is a guide to teach you how to select the best Sportsbooks Malaysia.


  • Better Sport Betting Odds

There are a few features that the best Sportsbooks in Malaysia have in common. They usually offer the best sports betting odds in the market. A better sports betting odds also means that you will get a higher payout rate when you win a bet. Players will flock to the website with the best sports betting odds in the market as they can win more by using the same amount of money.

  • Possess an Official License Issued by the European Union

Besides that, the best Sportsbook Malaysia websites are extremely secured. You will not need to worry of your funds or deposits when you bet on their websites. Trustworthy Sportsbook betting sites will go through the trouble to obtain a legitimate official license from the European Union. It is not easy to get the license as there is a long list of criteria to be met. It is a better and safer option to make bets in sports betting websites that have the license issued by the European Union.

  • Frequently Flood Players with Extra Perks

There are two sports betting websites for you to choose from. One is currently giving you extra bonuses, while another website just looks prettier. Which website will you choose to make a bet in? It is quite obvious that almost every player will place their bets in the website that gives out bonuses. Everyone loves freebies! Sports betting websites that often give players free bets or extra bonuses will make players felt that they are being appreciated. Existing players will keep going back to the same website while new players will be attracted to give the website a try. 

  • Supports all Mobile Devices

Technology has advanced tremendously over the years. Today, almost everyone owns at least one mobile device. In fact, people actually use their mobile devices more than computers these days as it is more convenient and can be access at anytime and anywhere. The best sports betting websites in Malaysia will be able to support all versions of Android and iOS systems. This is so that players can place bets through the mobile devices of their choice. They will no longer be restricted by the time or location. Players can even watch their favourite sport matches through live broadcast using their mobile devices.

  • Multiple Bank Partners

Reputable sports betting websites will make the effort to collaborate with multiple banks. More bank partners will give players more convenience especially when they want to make a deposit. Players do not need to open a bank account on purpose just to bet in the website. The website may even turn away players if it only supports one to two banks that they do not have a bank account in. More bank partners also indicate that the sports betting website is more reputable and trustworthy.


Recommended Honest and Trustworthy Sports Betting Websites in Malaysia

Recommended Honest and Trustworthy Sports Betting Websites in Malaysia

Maxbet, IMSB, and LEGEND are three Sportbook Malaysia websites that ticked all the five criteria above. They have great reputation in the industry and have become the leading sports betting websites in Malaysia. Furthermore, they have always payout the winnings on time since they are founded. That is all you need to know about sports betting odds. Now, it is time for you to start your exciting journey to be the ultimate bet master.


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