Malaysia EPL Sportsbet: 10 Reasons to Support MCI over MUN


Manchester City(MCI) and Manchester United(MUN) are both Premier League teams. As the name implies, these two teams are both in Manchester, England (a large city in northwest England). MUN is the team with the most Premier League titles. Because of MUN’s internal staff adjustments, it has led to worsening record. On the Contrary, MCI is acquired by the Middle East consortium in recent years, therefore, it has obtained a large amount of funds to buy top players. MCI is now one of the Premier League outstanding teams, it has won away championship for 2 consecutive years and also the team that won over Manchester United 5 times!

After the brief introduction of MCI and MUN, we’re going to talk about why now MCI is much more worth for you to support! We’ve collected 10 reasons on this topic! Let’s take a look at it!



Reason 1: Three Words! Sir Alex Ferguson

Reason 1 Three words! Sir Alex Ferguson

Let’s face it, there is a reason why the man had been given reign as manager for Manchester United. His undeniable ability to manage the team for over three decades even rewarded him well with knightship. Since his retirement, Manchester United has seen one too many changes in managers. There seems to be no justifiable explanation as to why none of them seem to be able to pull the team back up to its glory. Simply put, to fill the shoes of a legend will never come easy. With a long standing streak of wins over thirty years, it would be quite long before someone could come close to maintaining those standards.


Reason 2: Technically, Wrong…?

Reason 2 Technically, Wrong...

Manchester United’s longest reigning manager may not be the only thing that has contributed to Man Utd’s reputation. Despite having worked for the team for one too many games, their style of playing has much room for improvement. To date, Man Utd’s defensive fragility is still something worth noting. Plus, with divers and a lack of a strategic technique, Man Utd has succumbed to some drastic measures to even get the goals they’ve long lost.


Reason 3: Forward vs Backwards

Reason 3 Forward vs Backwards

In the last few games, we’ve been witnessing some painful measures taken by current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. With an average of 10 more sprints per game, injuries seem to prevent the devils from playing in top form. Even if injuries don’t take its toll on the players, the exhaustion from over-exertion might just be the Kryptonite that pulls the players away from peak performance. Safe to say, the trend for Man U’s work seems to only pull them backwards, instead of moving forward.


Reason 4: New Manager ≠Better Results

Reason 4 New Manager ≠Better Results

With this being the fifth switch in the last six years, Norwegian native Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under immense pressure. As mentioned above, filling in the shoes of a renowned manager is no easy task. But trying new techniques and causing injuries to players (albeit unintentionally) does not ring in a promising future. Since Solskjaer took the hot seat, we’ve seen a massive drop in motivation, power, and strength. Besides a sprint aggressive strategy on field, intense training has left the players in a performance low. With the risks that are being taken on the players’ well-being, there is no guarantee that the reds will be regaining their crown any time soon.


Reason 5: All About That Money, Baby

Reason 5 All About That Money, Baby

Money talks. Right now, all eyes are on Manchester City’s owner Sheik Mansour. According to the New York Times, Sheik Mansour, the Emirati royalty has spent a good sum on the bolstering of better players for Man City. With a stronghold over a major oil company and his country’s sovereign wealth fund, the royal has brought in some great changes to Man City. Besides stronger, younger, better equipped players, the Mansour has also invested in better facilities. Fantastic players + fantastic facilities = deadly combination for a win.


Reason 6: All They Do is Win Win Win

Reason 6 All They Do is Win Win Win

With great investments, come great wins. Since the investment by the Emirati Deputy Prime Minister, Manchester City has seen a strong bounce from their formerly uneventful results. They have since scored 17 impressive Premier League wins in the year 2019 itself which also bagged them the champs for the year.


Reason 7: Pep Pep, Hurray!

Reason 7 Pep Pep, Hurray

What are players without their managers? Spanish pro footballer and manager who has been “considered to be the most successful managers of all time”. With an astounding record of the most consecutive league wins in La Liga, Bundesliga, and Premier League. He was the brains that led Man City from consecutively beating the ranks, to claiming the Premiere League trophy. With a manager of such aggression and power, what is there not to love?


Reason 8: Go for the Name, Not the FAME!

Reason 8 Go for the Name, Not the FAME

Manchester United may have been “the name” that many chant, but don’t fall for it. As the saying goes, why fit in, when you can stand out? Regardless of the sport, there will always be two kinds of supporters. On one hand, there are those who support the name that sounds great but, who may not be as promising as their name lets you think. These are the big names you hear, but in real life, even their own homies would not bat an eyelid for. On the flip side, you have those who actually do their research, and look at previous records and statistics, by making educated decisions on the teams they want to support. Don’t be that person who supports that of less substance. Go for the team with the results, the underdogs.


Reason 9: Funny Pranksters

Reason 9 Funny Pranksters

As well deserving winners of the Premier League, any team would hold their heads high in arrogance. But not the members of Man City. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play but no fun, makes fans (and players) pretty boring. After the win, there was a video circulating online of the broken Premier League trophy. To make this win an unforgettable one for both the players, and their fans, the team invited fans celebrating their birthdays to spend a day with them only to “drop” the trophy while taking photos. This incident left the media in a frenzy, only to have an official response by the club’s Twitter account. It states: “After SHOCKING FOOTAGE emerged of a broken @premierleague trophy yesterday, we thought it time we put the record straight…”. 


Reason 10: The Winning Count

Reason 10 The Winning Count

Over the last two years, we have observed the many (consecutive wins) of Man City. We’re not sure about you, but choosing Man City is not a tough decision if you like winning on sports betting. Sir Alex Ferguson may have been the powerhouse behind Man Utd for a long time, but his glory days are now being shelved into history. No one likes losers, especially (literally, and figuratively) sore losers. Loyalty may be one thing, but no one can really say that they would stick around long with a team that seems to be consistently falling behind, over the repeat winners. Plus, who doesn’t love a good prank once in a while? Especially when they involve the people that matter most: you, the fans. 


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