Football Bookmakers Free Soccer Tips : What is Handicap ( HDP )

There are many kinds of football gaming online bookmakers for you to bet, and sports betting is one of the most favorite and indispensable games to players around the globe. Now iBET is going to introduce you the most popular betting type in the sports betting – handicap betting.

Sportsbook Gambling Platform Handicap HDP Features

Handicap means one of the teams give the other team a head start, so the team gets some virtual points before the game starts. After the game is over, these virtual points would be added to the practical points as the real outcome. Generally, the underdog gets a head start over the front-runner, and this form of betting is to make the strength of two teams tend to be equal. As to how many points will be yielded, sportbooks will calculate and regulate according to the strength of each team and other related factors.

iBET Sportsbook Game – How to Bet With Handicap HDP

Example of Online Football Handicap HDP Betting

Take the following illustration as an example, the home team Dinamo Minsk gives one point head start to the visiting team FK Rabontnicki. Supposed that the final score is 1 to 1, then the visiting team will win by 2 to 1 since the virtual point at the beginning should be added in.

iBET Sportsbook Game – How to Bet With Handicap HDP


To put it in another way, the visiting team in the above example has got one virtual point in advance. Therefore, the score of home team Dinamo Minsk versus visiting team FK Rabontnicki is 0 to 1 before the game starts, meaning that the home team needs to get at least 2 points to count a win (if the visiting team still got 0 in the end ).


【iBET Tips】

iBET kindly reminds you that if more points head start is given, it means the disparity in strength between the two teams is wider. You can place your bet by taking your preference and take the given points into consideration.

Where to Play Handicap HDP Sports Odds

iBET has introduced you the basic Handicap betting type above, and you can experience it in iBET’s sporting game room to enjoy the excitement. iBET is here to solve your queries and also offers the excellent sports betting platforms for you, including iBIT SPORT and 3 SING SPORT, to experience the interesting Handicap betting!

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