Support Namewee’s World Cup Theme Song

Support Namewee’s World Cup Theme Song

Show Some Love For Namewee’s 2022 World Cup Theme Song

Wee Meng Chee, better known by his stage name, Namewee, is nominated for the 33rd Golden Melody Awards for ‘Song of the Year’ for his album, Fragile. His other album, Ghosician, is also nominated for ‘Best Album Design’. Touched and blessed, Namewee expresses, “Being nominated for seven years; seven times is an affirmation for my art. Seven is also a lucky number, and I believe Lucky 7 will manifest an award for me.”

His recent single, , features the world-famous Thierry Henry. It is a collaboration we didn’t expect but certainly needed, and the message behind the song is even more than we could have asked for: look up to an idol you admire and make them your drive to hustle, never give up, and attain success.

Speaking about the single, Namewee remarks, “We shot the MV for in Malaysia and the UK. And getting Thierry Henry, the football legend himself, to be part of the project was no easy feat, but it’s worthwhile. His is formidable. His dribble especially stands out for me. I’m a World Cup fan, and I feel honoured that Henry has agreed to participate in this MV. I feel all sorts of emotions now; excitement, nervousness, and worry.”

Namewee further shares the essence of , which tells the story of how we all have a hero in our hearts as a kid or growing up. The hero, which Namewee states, can be anyone – a star, relative, brother, classmate, or someone from school. He states it doesn’t matter what the hero does; it is that inexplicable sentiment of admiration and worship for the hero and the urge to learn from or reflect on what the hero does.

Heroes Sometimes Hide In Plain Sight

Be Like Him.

We hear this phrase uttered around a lot, a conscious desire to be as good as the heroes or idols that we hold in high regard; a desire that is as universal as the need to breathe. Everybody has their own personal “hero’ or role model, they could even be those around us—our friends, colleagues, or even family members. 

Not only that, they are often seen as the beacon of light during our lowest moments; a source of motivation to keep us going and to never give up too soon.

Recently, Namewee himself has successfully put this universal feeling into song—Be Like Him—released at a timely moment in anticipation of the 2022 Qatar World Cup towards the end of the year.

A Portrayal Of Admiration And Perseverance

And right before the inauguration of the World Cup this year, ex-French football coach Thierry Henry became the brand ambassador of i8 Online Casino. As an international betting brand with masses of supporters in Malaysia, the collaboration between i8 and Namewee is only natural. To bring out the storyline of the ‘Be Like Him’ music video, Henry’s classic style of kicks, like his signature corner kick goals, ball control, fake passes, rabonas, dribbles, and more, are featured.

His latest music video features famed Malaysian singer Priscilla Abby and none other than legendary English Premier League player Thierry Henry himself. Using actual footage taken from Henry’s old matches, Namewee’s music video tells the inspirational story of a boy who is extremely passionate about football, overcoming all adversities in order to achieve the same level of success as his role model, Thierry Henry. 

The sense of admiration and determination could not have been captured any better, especially with the presence of a player touted as one of the greatest players in the history of the English Premier League. And much like the boy who we saw holding Henry in high regard, Namewee’s latest music video is symbolic of the partnership with regards to i8’s newest brand ambassador, and i8’s goals for the 2022 World Cup and beyond.

i8, Thierry Henry, The 2022 Qatar World Cup, And The Future

is one of the most power-pack creations, with the budget an even bigger highlight. Namewee comments, “the success of an artist is their willingness to do something for the community; to speak up for it. There needs to be keenness to voice out for their country, and stand up and defend your rights and universal values.”

With the release of , let us anticipate the arrival of the illustrious, once-in-four-years event, the 2022 World Cup!

The upcoming 2022 World Cup holds many exciting possibilities for all competing nations, and the same can be said for i8—one of Malaysia’s leading online casino platforms. The legacy and merits that Henry brings with him in this partnership will be foundational towards our efforts to continuously be the best, push boundaries and give players the option to always choose the best.

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